We are a coalition of concerned San Franciscans who want the the Board of Supervisors to adopt a formal plan to underground all overhead utility wires in San Francisco. The current installed wood utilities poles are increasingly overloaded with wires, creating unsafe conditions in front of residents windows.  Currently, 470 miles of utility lines are left to underground in San Francisco.  The City and PG&E only completed 520 miles before exhausting allocated funds in 2007.  Our coalition is working on plans to underground the utility wires in order to expedite the resurrection of this unfinished civic infrastructure project.  At every opportunity we educate the Board of Supervisors regarding this unfinished infrastructure project and our viable plan to finish the under-grounding.

For all inquiries and questions – email: info@sfcuu.org


Supporting San Francisco Supervisors

Malia Cohen

Mark Farrell

Katy Tang

Supporting Neighborhoods and Organizations

Castro/Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association

Coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods

Cole Valley Improvement Association

Cow Hollow Association

Diamond Heights Community Association

ENVA (Eureka Valley)

Friends of Noe Valley

Liberty Hill

Miraloma Park Improvement Club

Middle Polk Neighborhood Association

Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association

Oceanview, Merced Heights, Ingleside Neighbors in Action

Planning Association for the Richmond

Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Association

Russian Hill Neighbors

San Francisco Beautiful

Upper Noe Neighbors



Our Board of Directors includes:

 Anne Brubaker (Russian Hill) – Chair

Steven Edwards (The Mission)– Vice-Chair/Treasurer

Lindsey Phillips (Russian Hill)– Secretary

Alex Aybes (The Castro) – At-large

David Bancroft (Cow Hollow)– At-large


One thought on “Endorsements

  1. Good Afternoon,
    My name is Jae and I reside in the Bernal Heights area and I’m writing you in regards to the electrical wires that hang high about our neighborhood. I know the city is “trying” to bury the wires in the city but, as a city known for its technology, it’s a great disappointment that San Francisco still have above ground wires is oppose to cities like Los Angeles, San Jose and San Diego. I’m sure you’ve heard all the negatives about the wires but above all, it makes the city looks ugly and depressing. I’ve noticed that a few streets within my neighborhood have no wires and they’ve replaced the street lights with a more eye catching streetlamps that looks nice along the curbside. Is there any thing that I and my the residences within my neighborhood can do to expedite the switch to under grounding the power lines? The city claims to be working hard at this but it doesn’t look like they’re working hard or fast enough. Please advise.

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