Mission Statement

San Francisco has long recognized that overhead utilities degrade our city.  Now is the time for the City of San Francisco to finish the half-completed job of utility undergrounding. We urge the Board of Supervisors to adopt and implement a viable citywide policy in line with its own Utility Undergrounding Task Force Report of 2007.  A citywide program will achieve cost savings, set rational priorities and fairly allocate the costs.

We have to underground our utility wires!

These overhead wires are a danger to our public safety.  They can cause fires, transformers explode, electrical outages are common, and in an emergency we could be subjected to fallen poles with live wires in the streets. These downed wooden poles, laden with wires, will very likely impede first responders in an emergency.   Plus, existing utility poles continue to be overloaded with unsightly radiation frequency (RF)  antennas and associated equipment.

Overhead utility wires create visual pollution and urban blight for all residents and visitors of San Francisco.  Telecommunication and utility companies are expanding services and do this by adding more and more wires to wood utility poles.  For some San Francisco residents, these wires create a curtain in front of their windows blocking light.  Given the telecommunication companies aggressive service expansion your window could be next.

In 2007, the City of San Francisco exhausted allocated funding before the last 470 miles of overhead utility wires were undergrounded. The San Francisco Coalition to Underground Utilities is now requesting  the City  of San Francisco to restart this underground project and finish it once and for all.


Contact us at info@sfcuu.org